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Demain, la finance

The 'Demain, la finance podcast' explores the professions that shape sustainable finance in the company of financial industry professionals in order to encourage a qualified and competent next generation in Québec.

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Au fonds des choses

In an era where many social issues such as socio-economic inequalities, global warming and diversity and inclusion are more relevant than ever, the financial sector faces several major challenges. Au fonds des choses, Chappuis Halder & Co's French language podcast, produced in partnership with Finance Montreal, leads frank discussions with key players in the Quebec financial ecosystem working in institutions recognized for their ESG standards.

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Canada FinTech Forum & Bank On It

Discover the series of podcasts produced for the 2019 edition of the Canada FinTech Forum. Hear John Siracusa, host of Bank on It, a podcast dedicated to fintech entrepreneurs and leaders, chat with great speakers on a variety of fascinating topics.

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The evolution  of fintech in Canada

The early 2000s ushered in the development of technological innovations and specialized talent. Over the following decades, the support to that ecosystem through government and other innovative programs cultivated a fintech evolution all across North America.   In this series we’ll follow the story of how it all started, how it’s going today and what each player can do for a more expansive fintech of tomorrow.  Join us and listen to the stories of the people who helped make fintech in Canada what it is today, people such as Paul Desmarais III, Dominique Ferst, Maor Amar, David Unsworth, Jan Arp, Claudia Hepburn, Stephanie Choo, David Nault, Matthieu Cardinal, Peter Misek, Marcus Daniels & many more. 

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L'Appel de la finance

Finance Montréal's Youth Committee podcast, L'Appel de la finance, features young Quebec finance professionals sharing their story, talking about their career paths and the important work they do every day. (in French only)

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