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Aboubacar Any

Advisor, International Business Development


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André Tremblay

Director, International Business Development


André Tremblay holds a Master's degree in Economics and has worked in economic development for over 25 years. Prior to his current position as Director of International Business Development at Finance Montreal, André was Director of Business Development, Benelux at Investissement Québec International (IQI). Also at IQI, André held positions as Project Director for France and Business Development Director, Canada-New England, for many years.

During his years at IQI, he established and maintained contacts with business leaders from around the world, with the goal of stimulating and increasing foreign investment in Quebec.

He has coordinated the development of global offers to meet corporate needs and negotiated with various partners to offer companies solutions that enable their projects to succeed.

In addition to being passionate about international business, André is also an outdoor enthusiast. You can find him hiking somewhere in Quebec year-round or, in the summer, on his bike or on a golf course.

Benoit Desgroseillers

Vice President, Talent Development


​Benoit is Vice President of Talent Development at Finance Montréal. His responsibilities include talent development and human resources issues for Québec’s financial services industry as a whole. 

Former executive director of a university career center, an EMBA graduate, member of the Ordre des CRHA (order of chartered professionals in human resources), an ICF-certified professional coach, mentor and speaker, he is a first-hand witness to HR trends and changes in the labour market. He also acts as a facilitator between the industry and colleges and universities. 

In his spare time, he sits on the boards of several NPOs and volunteers as a coach supporting more than 50 people per year through career transitions and management. He is also the author of two books on career management and coaching.

Benoit is passionate about history, psychology and anthropology. His favorite artists are poet and singer Leonard Cohen, director, author and comedian Robert Lepage, and novelist Alessandro Baricco.

Bruno Séguin

Director, Strategic Accounts, International Finance Center


Bruno works within the IFC team whose mandate is to promote Montréal to international financial companies and support the growth and development of Montréal-based companies carrying out international financial activities. His role is to promote Montréal, its advantages and its opportunities to international decision-makers, assist local companies or subsidiaries of foreign companies eligible for tax incentive programs, and conduct studies, research and analysis on Montréal’s financial ecosystem in order to position our city on the international stage.  

He holds an MSc and a BBA from HEC Montréal, in addition to having completed studies at McGill University and the Institut Commercial de Nancy (France). His diverse studies have given him experience in finance, economics and marketing, always from an international angle.  

Although he has travelled the world, Bruno is passionate about Montréal, the city where he grew up, which he knows like the back of his hand. More than anything, he loves contributing to its development and making it known to people all over the world. His greatest satisfaction in his work is seeing a company he has helped create jobs and flourish.

Camille Muller

Senior Advisor, Talent


As advisor for the Youth Committee and Talents, Camille is responsible for coordinating the activities of Finance Montréal’s Youth Committee and providing support to the Senior Director of Talent Development in this regard.

She was previously responsible for the logistics and management of the Montréal FinTech Station, including providing daily support to all tenants and Finance Montréal members.

After working in France and Luxembourg, she started putting down roots in Montréal in 2018. Her career has allowed her to expand her horizons and practise a range of professions, including sales facilitator, executive assistant, project manager and retail store manager. She likes helping others, learning new things, travelling to discover the world. Camille also enjoys fine food and occasional lazy mornings.

Catherine Letendre

Advisor, Mobilization and community engagement in sustainable finance


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Elsa Vande Voorde

Innovations and Technologies Specialist


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Florian Roulle

Vice President, Sustainable Finance


Florian Roulle is Vice President, Sustainable Finance. He leads Finance Montréal's sustainable finance efforts and, with his team, is responsible for mobilizing the organization's members and partners to support all strategic initiatives to position Québec's financial center as a hub of excellence and innovation in sustainable finance in North America. Florian is also responsible for advancing Finance Montréal's strategy in sustainable finance, financial entrepreneurship and asset management, supporting the international recognition of Quebec's financial industry.

Economist by training, Florian has over 10 years of experience in socio-economic research, strategic planning and government program evaluation, particularly related to economic development.

Gabriel Paradis

Senior Director of Operations and Data Protection Officer


Gabriel is the Senior Director of Operations and Data Protection Officer at Finance Montréal. He manages the organization’s administrative and technical departments. From finance to technology management, risk management to accountability, he is active on many fronts and plays an important role in ensuring that the organization runs like clockwork. 

A member of the Ordre des CRHA [Association of Human Resource Professionals of the Province of Quebec]  with a degree in business administration, Gabriel has been working in operations management positions for over a decade and has had the opportunity to work all over the world. Highly interested in the strategic and sustainable development of organizations, he worked with local and international NPOs before arriving at Finance Montréal.

Gabriel enjoys hiking, motorcycling, and spending time with his family.

Gabriela Daoud

Logistics Agent


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Gaëtan Bourgoin

Senior Advisor, Education and Training
Programs in Sustainable Finance


Gaëtan Bourgoin works within the Sustainable Finance team as a Senior Advisor on Sustainable Finance Education and Training Programs. Holding a bachelor’s degree in business administration, with a specialization in international business, and a graduate microprogram diploma in andragogy, Gaëtan has been able to marry his two passions in his work: adult education, as well as skills development and assessments and training events.

Gaëtan’s career can be divided into three distinct stages. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, he landed his first job at the Canadian International Development Agency as part of a financial systems overhaul project in Indonesia. Subsequently, he developed true expertise as a business conference planner before becoming the head of a department offering customized and continuous training.

Although he is an ardent defender of animal welfare and a stalwart vegetarian, don’t be afraid to invite him to dinner, because he is above all a human being who is extremely respectful of others' choices.

Isadora Brezault

Logistics and Customer Service Agent


Isadora joined Finance Montréal in 2022 as a customer service agent for the Montréal FinTech Station. In her role, she assists with managing office spaces and welcoming startups and visitors. 

Fascinated by human behavior, Isadora began studies in psychology and then decided to make the leap into the field of business administration, with a specialization in finance, and pursue new career interests. 

Outside of work, she spends her spare time listening to music and enjoying the outdoors. She also enjoys travel and Starbucks.

Jacques Deforges

Chief Executive Officer


As CEO of Finance Montréal, Jacques leads a team whose role is to contribute to the development and promotion of Québec as a world-class financial center, in collaboration with members and stakeholders in the financial sector.  

He is a seasoned manager and leader with nearly 30 years of experience in the financial sector and innovative companies, including more than 20 years in senior management roles, both within SMEs and with large private and public companies.   

Jacques holds an MBA from Concordia University, as well as a diploma from HEC Paris. A native of France and proud Montrealer by adoption, Jacques loves enjoying the little things in life with his family. You can also find him skiing, riding a motorcycle, and bodysurfing every chance he gets.

Jean-François Dumas

Director, International Business Development


 ​​Jean-François is Director, International Business Development for the CFI team. As part of his mandate, he is actively involved in promoting Montreal and its financial ecosystem to various foreign financial industries, drawing on the city's economic, fiscal, operational and cultural advantages.   

He holds a B.A. in International Studies and Modern Languages (Economics) and an MBA from Université Laval, which led him to embark on a career in cross-cultural management. 

Jean-François spent nearly 15 years outside Canada, managing accounts in some 50 countries. He has over 17 years' experience in business unit management, major account management and international business development in the IT and financial sector (national interbank systems, cloud computing, consulting).

Julian Duplan

Advisor, Sustainable Finance and Climate Change


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Julie Desjardins

Senior Director, Communications and Outreach


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Louis-Philippe Allard

Senior Director, Parternships and Strategic Initiatives


Louis-Philippe Allard joined the Finance Montréal team in the spring of 2022 to set up strategic partnerships and relaunch the Canada FinTech Forum, the standard-bearer for fintech events in the country, in its new incarnation. He also contributes to the development of the Station FinTech Montréal, and the high-growth startups that reside there, through a multitude of local and international initiatives and missions.

Louis-Philippe has 18 years' experience in operations management, international business event production, organizational development and strategic communications. During his tenure as COO of one of the world's largest business forums, he contributed to the growth of the partner network and led the development of summits that enabled the company to set up subsidiaries across the Americas and in Europe.

A native of Montreal and a graduate of HEC Montréal, he is active on several committees and boards, including that of the Fondation de l'Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal.

Lysa Baumgartner

Commercial Attaché, International Financial Center


Lysa Baumgartner is a true jack of all trades when it comes to supporting her team at Finance Montréal. Whether it’s creating PowerPoints, analyzing data, or doing research, Lysa can always be counted on to think outside the box and be creative and strategic to help solve problems and support her IFC team. 

After starting her accounting career with a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University, it didn’t take long for Lysa to discover that her true passion was economic development. She has more than eight years of experience in the field, having worked for private companies and government associations. 

Outside of work, Lysa enjoys spending weekends with her two dogs, and hiking and camping in the Adirondacks.

Marie Rossignol

Senior Director, Communications and Outreach


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Mathieu Gendron-Celebre

Head, Events


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'Michel Blier

Operations Coordinator


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Nathalie Dumas

Accounting Technician


In her role as Finance Montréal’s Accounting Technician, Nathalie works directly with the Senior Director of Operations reconciling all matters relating to accounts receivable and accounts payable.

She holds a specialized diploma in administrative techniques in finance from Collège de Rosemont, as well as a certificate in accounting from UQAM. She is no stranger to other business sectors including the film and entertainment industry, and now the financial industry.

Nathalie enjoys spending her free time on family outings, taking care of her loved ones, and cheering on the Montréal Canadiens as their #1 fan at every party.

Noza Mutalova

Director, International Business Development


Noza is Director of International Business Development with our CFI team, responsible for the US territory.
She holds a Bachelor in International Relations from Tashkent University and Masters Degree in Economics and International Development from Yale University. Her time at Yale not only provided her with a strong educational foundation but also nurtured her passion for fostering global connections and addressing complex financial challenges.

Having lived in diverse cultural settings, Noza possesses a keen appreciation for the nuances of international cooperation. Her experiences in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, the US, and Canada have sharpened her cross-cultural skills and equipped her with a global mindset that is invaluable in her current role.

With 17 years of work experience in the banking and investment industry, Noza's expertise is grounded in the realities and challenges faced by financial corporations. This extensive background enables her to provide strategic insights and tailor-made support to foster the growth of global financial companies in Montreal.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Noza loves hiking, board games, good food and spending fun times with her friends and family.

Pauline Barraque-Bigot

Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives


Pauline is the Senior Advisor on Strategic Initiatives on the Sustainable Finance team.
Pauline graduated from HEC Montréal with a trilingual bachelor’s degree of business administration, specializing in finance. 

A former gymnast, Pauline leads a double life as a coach in women’s artistic gymnastics.

Sebastian Boisjoly

Vice-President, Fintech and Technological Innovation


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Steve Gauthier

Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy
and Business Relationship Development


Given Steve’s passion for geography, it is not surprising that, despite his studies in law (at McGill University in Montréal) and economics (at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver), his career path has led him to “business geography,” that is, to the field of economic development and international direct investment. An avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, Steve likes to think of himself as a sherpa in strategic initiatives and business investment. Steve is a forward-thinking person who loves to constantly tweak existing business models. Recognizing that “pain is inevitable but suffering is optional,” Steve’s strategic perspective is deeply rooted in the reality of operations.  

Steve has over 22 years of experience in the field of economic development. Since 2008, he has overseen a dedicated team at Finance Montréal to develop financial service delivery centers in North America and around the world. He effectively guides clients in defining new target operating models that encompass a COO strategy, IT operating models, sourcing and supplier management, working closely with the Finance, Operations, Compliance, Risk, IT and Transformation departments. He also works with Finance Montréal directors and the Ministère des Finances du Québec to develop and implement long-term goals and strategies for Montréal’s largest and most established industry: financial services.   

He keeps an open mind and is welcoming to others with different cultures and interests, ranging from cross-country skiing to professional sports and the arts. Steve is an avid international traveller and a proud family man.

Sylvie Desjardins

Director, Human resources


Sylvie works within the Talent and the Next Generation in Finance team, whose main task is to link human resources management practices to the organization’s business strategy and values. She also contributes to Finance Montréal’s various projects related to the financial sector’s talent development strategy.

For Sylvie, putting people at the heart of human resources management decisions is a must. She is convinced that it is possible to link each person’s aspirations to an organization’s goals in order to help them advance in their careers.

Holding an MBA with a specialization in work innovation and organizational leadership, and a member of the Ordre des CRHA  [Association of Human Resource Professionals of the Province of Quebec], she has worked for more than 10 years in the field of human resources, primarily within an NPO. Recently, she has found a new passion: coaching.

When she’s not working, Sylvie enjoys time with family and friends, cooking and doing outdoor activities.

Éloïse Rousseau

Advisor, Digital marketing


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