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Our mission: 

To implement the marketing strategy for Montréal’s financial hub by connecting with international financial companies

We carry out missions around the world to meet decision makers at financial companies. The IFC team advises companies wishing to conduct international financial transactions or financial transactions in Montréal. We assist them in their administrative procedures and connect them with our network of partners and experts.

Our role:

Align the strategies of our international clients with talent in Montréal

Montréal’s fintech and sustainable finance ecosystems are vibrant and proactive. The IFC team offers strategic and customized support to international companies based in Montréal, regardless of their level of maturity or whether they have tens, hundreds or thousands of employees.

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We help our clients… 

Adapt  their new business model

Build links with Québec’s rich university ecosystem and talent pool

Optimize fiscal and financial support

Portrait of Steve Gauthier

« Our mission is to emphasize that Montréal’s financial services expertise is differentiated yet complementary and aligned with that of New York, Boston and Toronto. Come and discover our unique, collaborative ecosystem. »

Steve Gauthier,
Executive Vice President – Corporate Strategy and Business Relationship Development
Finance Montréal  

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How can the International Financial Center help you?

Are you
reviewing your
talent acquisition

The story of Montréal’s growing financial hub is just beginning. We are researching talent availability, positive demographic trends and international mobility. We are an open and welcoming place.  

Are you reviewing your localization strategy for your international operations?

Unlike many financial centers, Montréal has a strong culture of innovation. Montréal and Québec’s strong sustainable finance sector, innovation in AI and technological ecosystems will transform your operations and make them more client-oriented. Start benefiting from low operating costs and discover the advantages of our incentive programs today. 

When should
you contact us?

Today. We are experts in managing change and new business models. We have extensive experience and expertise in international projects and a solid understanding of what works and does not work in international, cutting-edge finance. Speaking with us will help you identify new options and opportunities that will make you more strategic in your thinking.

Our services

Data, professional advice, a network of experts, and tax and financial assistance. Our services are free, fact-based and personalized. We have a strong culture focused on providing our clients with quality service. We offer unique international perspectives our job is to describe, compare and differentiate between financial markets around the world.  

Personalized support on a
wide range of topics

Factual and statistical data
Expertise in world-class delivery centers (what works and what doesn’t)
Technology and transformation
Partner networks in the establishment/growth stages
Incentive programs
Sourcing, hiring and international mobility networks 

A 100% global
and unique team

The IFC team is made up of experts with diverse backgrounds who pool their knowledge of economic development and the international financial industry. We leverage all of Québec’s financial and technological ecosystems and a rich network of external collaborators. We are your gateway to Montréal’s financial hub and international connections.


Steve Gauthier

Executive Vice President – Corporate Strategy and Business Relationship Development


Bruno Seguin

Senior Director,
Strategic Accounts


Jean-François Dumas

Director, International Business Development 


André Tremblay

Director, International Business Development


Noza Mutalova

Director, International Business Development 


Lysa Baumgartner

Commercial Attachée


Aboubacar Any

Commercial Attaché

They chose us.

and incentives

 The IFC tax credit program encourages the establishment and development of new projects at companies specializing in international financial activities in the greater Montréal area. The International Financial Centre can help you take advantage of the many benefits of the program. 

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Montréal is a major international finance center in North America. Its size, strategic location, pool of qualified and multilingual talent, ESG ecosystem and state-of-the-art technological infrastructure are unrivalled assets.

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