Talent and the Next Generation in Finance
Initiatives and Overview

Leveraging Québec's
pool of talent in finance

Cultivating talent

Finance Montréal works actively to make Québec an ever-more attractive place for talent from here and abroad.

As the university capital of Canada, Montréal is a place where students can learn about and pursue fulfilling careers in finance. The Montréal region has a wide network of universities, institutions and colleges. The quality of the programs of study and training offered make it one of the best cities for students in the country. 

Portrait of  Benoit Desgroseillers

« Québec sets itself apart from the rest of Canada through its actions to promote financial professions and ensure the sustained growth of the industry. »

Benoit Desgroseillers

Vice President, Talent Development

An ecosystem that fosters the development of qualified talent

As a leading financial center, Montréal is at the heart of a dynamic ecosystem including banks, financial services firms, insurance companies, associations and professional orders and organizations. This environment creates the ideal conditions for developing the next generation of financial experts with attractive employment prospects in Québec.  

Strategic activities 

Our various activities help to position Québec and allow us to participate in major projects aimed at developing talent and promoting the financial professions. 

Participation in The Coalition

Participation in the CIRANO Bourstad Challenge competition

Participation in Polytechnique Montréal’s Polyfinance Initiative

Involvement in ten university competitions annually

Participation in training and mentoring initiatives for newcomers through the CCMM Interconnexion program

Organization of events focused on HR, talent and training

Numerous collaborations with para-governmental organizations such as TechnoCompétences, TechnoMontréal, the Conseil Emploi Métropole and more

 Our initiatives 

In addition to collaborating with stakeholders, we develop unique initiatives that are key to meeting the specific needs of our financial ecosystem.

Finance Montréal’s
Youth Committee

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CSMO Comité
sectoriel de main
[sectoral workforce

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Overview of the next generation, current workforce and skills

Guide d’information sur les parcours d’accès aux professions dans le secteur de la finance et de l’assurance (in French only)(2018)


Guide sur les parcours d’accès aux professions technologiques dans le secteur de la finance et des assurances (in French only)


Les intelligences du futur dans l’industrie des services financiers(in French only)


Les métiers de l'investissement responsable - Analyse du bassin de talents au Québec (in French only)



The Talent and the Next
Generation in Finance Team

The Talent and the Next Generation in Finance Team develops original and promising projects that align with industry needs. 


Benoit Desgroseillers

Vice President, Talent Development


Sylvie Desjardins 

Senior Advisor, Human Resources


Camille Muller

Advisor, Finance Montréal Youth Committee and Talent

Sustainable finance

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FinTech and

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Financial Center

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