Finance Montréal

Add up the expertise.
Multiply the growth.

« Finance Montréal aggregates and leverages its network’s knowledge to grow Québec’s financial services industry. »

Portrait of Jacques Deforges

Jacques Deforges

Chief Executive Officer

Portrait of Nicolas Patard

Nicolas Patard

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Managing Director and Head, Financial Products,
National Bank of Canada

« Québec’s financial sector plays a leading role in our industry. I am actively contributing to its development and extending its influence. »

Finance Montréal
and its mission

Finance Montréal is Québec’s financial cluster. Created in 2010 by the financial services industry at the Québec government’s invitation, we bring together under one roof governing members, partners, associates and numerous volunteer professionals from Québec’s financial sector.

Our mission is to develop and promote Québec’s financial services industry by bringing together stakeholders and influential players from the world of finance.

We are the hub where key players in the financial industry join forces to make Québec’s financial industry more competitive and prosperous.

Visionary financial leadership for Québec

We leverage our expertise to create more wealth and multiply positive impacts for the benefit of all Quebecers. Our collaborations and initiatives are aimed at positioning our industry and making Québec an innovative financial center recognized worldwide.

Innovating is in
our DNA

Making Québec a world leader in financial technology

We want to make Québec a world leader in financial technology. To this end, we support promising initiatives and work towards the creation, development and promotion of a vibrant technological ecosystem.

FinTech and technological

Sustainable finance — turning values into effective actions

Sustainable finance is part of our DNA and Montréal is recognized as a world-class center for sustainable finance expertise. With our partners, we support and develop promising initiatives that affirm our values and translate them into meaningful actions. 

Sustainable finance

Open to the world…

We leverage our resources to showcase the benefits of our industry and its position as a leading financial center around the world. With its International Finance Center (IFC), Finance Montréal works to attract companies and investment in Québec.

Learn about IFC

Inspiring the next generation.
Preparing for the future.

Ensuring industry vitality can only be achieved by developing talent in finance. We lead several initiatives in this respect and contribute to major education and training projects for the next generation in finance.

Talent and the
Next generation in finance


A team dedicated to Québec’s prosperity

Finance Montréal offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and professional development. Our team works hard to foster the recognition of our industry and increase the impact of our initiatives on Québec’s collective wealth. 

Our culture