Episode 1

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An early spark of technological innovation

In this episode we follow the spark of Canadian entrepreneurial innovation with the creation of Next 36, Communitech, the DMZ, District 3, MaRS and the need for retention of Waterloo tech talent from R.I.M. The Ottawa government creates programs to not fall behind. Flowing into the role played in Montreal, Quebec.

Episode 2 will be available on October 20th.

Episode 2

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The fuel that powered Canadian fintech

In this episode we’ll follow how Portage Ventures & the Desmarais family fueled the growth of fintech through injecting capital and a foundational framework for fintech in Canada. And other firms such as Ferst Capital, which invested in Mogo and Moka, as well as Impression Ventures and Sagard Portage investing in Wealthsimple. 

Episode 3 will be available on October 22nd.

Episode 3

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The foundations of fintech expansion

In this episode we’ll follow the creation of Luge Capital, Diagram Ventures, Highline Beta and influx of VC money into different stages of fintech which came from firms such as Portage Ventures, Georgian Partners and iNovia.

Episode 4 will be available on October 25th.

Episode 4

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The future of Canadian fintech innovation & expansion

Series finale - Successfully exited founders who become fintech investors wrapped around the government's role in fintech support and the response by incumbents and external competition.