Youth and

Finance: a most attractive choice of studies and career

Our activities aim to promote financial literacy amongst Quebecers and educate young people of all ages about the different financial professions. They also focus on identifying, promoting and contributing to various training and development opportunities as well as to mobilize and inspire professionals currently working in the field. To achieve these multiple objectives, Finance Montréal focuses on the three pillars of action below.

Finance Montréal’s Youth Committee

The Youth Commitee brings together fifteen young (under 40) professionals from various sectors in the financial services industry.

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Researching the next generation, our workforce and industry skills

Finance Montréal is regularly collaborating with its partners in carrying out in-depth research on issues pertaining to training, skills and workforce in the financial services industry.

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Structuring initiatives for the ecosystem

Whether it has to do with training development and promotion, involvement in advisory committees or the creation of working groups: we are always open to collaboration opportunities.

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