Our team

Benoit Desgroseillers

Vice-president, Development of Talents

Bruno Séguin

Director, Strategic Accounts, International Financial Center

Camille Muller

Advisor, Finance Montréal Youth Committee and Talents

Charles Rémillard

Advisor, Strategies Studies

Florian Roulle

Vice president, Sustainable Finance

Gabriel Paradis

Senior Director of Operations and Data Protection Officer

Gaëtan Bourgoin

Senior Advisor, Education and Training Program

Isadora Brezault

Administrative Assistant, Customer Service

Jacques Deforges

Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Ramboni

Coordinator, Events and Special Projects

Louis-Philippe Allard

Director, Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives - FinTech

Lysa Baumgartner

Commercial attachée, International Financial Center

Maude Laparé

Advisor, Communication and Marketing

Myriam Elias

Administrative Assistant, Customer Service

Nathalie Dumas

Accounting technician

Pauline Barraque-Bigot

Advisor, Strategic Initiatives

Sebastian Boisjoly

Vice President, FinTech and Technological Innovation

Steve Gauthier

Executive Vice-president – Corporate Strategy and Business Relationship Development

Sylvie Desjardins

Senior Advisor, Human Resources

Tamara Argentin

Head, Communications & Marketing