Promoting Montreal as a center of expertise

Financial risk management consists of identifying, evaluating and mitigating the probability of losses associated with adverse events in the financial markets. Certain financial instruments such as derivatives are essential management tools to mitigate the multiple financial risks faced by companies, whether these are linked to liquidity, foreign exchange, operations or otherwise.

Montréal has a robust expertise in risk management, ranging from relatively simple to highly sophisticated derivative financial products, particularly through the Montréal Stock Exchange. Finance Montréal pursues a great number of activities and initiatives in this field, all with the objective to contribute to the development of the metropolis as a center of expertise on financial risk management.

The team also welcomes delegations from financial companies wishing to settle in Montreal. It supports their leaders in their efforts to qualify for the IFC tax measure and to better know the Montreal stakeholders in their sphere of activity.

To showcase this expertise in risk management within Canada and internationally, Finance Montréal focuses on three pillars of action:

Professional Training

In partnership with the Canadian Derivatives Institute, Finance Montréal offers multiple courses and training programs focused on financial risk management. Thanks to its broad community of experts, Finance Montréal is also able to develop training tailored to the specific needs of financial institutions and businesses.

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