The Canadian Derivatives Institute launches a series of options trading training courses for the general public

Montréal, Québec, November 21, 2019 – The Canadian Derivatives Institute (CDI) officially launched its “Options Trading” online training series during a Finance Montréal networking event yesterday. Geared to the general public, these free courses are designed to demystify options and trading and managing them. This launch is part of Financial Literacy Month, which encourages Canadians to take charge of their finances.

“Promoting the sound use of derivatives and developing the expertise of market stakeholders is an integral part of CDI’s mission. As the benefits and challenges of options trading are not widely known to the general public, we have developed 10 free educational videos on this topic. In doing so, we hope to facilitate access to this knowledge and contribute to the financial education of Canadians,” said Simon Jacques, Executive Director, Training and Business Development at CDI and Executive Advisor at Finance Montréal.

These online training courses were created in cooperation with the Regulatory Division of the Bourse de Montréal.
“The fines fund of the Bourse de Montréal’s Regulatory Division may be used, among other things, to inform the public about derivatives. The financial literacy project fits perfectly with this objective. These educational videos are a fun way to understand stock options and their use in an investment portfolio,” explained Julie Rochette, Vice President and Chief Regulatory Officer, Regulatory Division, Bourse de Montréal.

Those wishing to upgrade their knowledge of derivative instruments can also benefit from CDI’s accredited online training courses.

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