Presenting the results of sustainable finance planning

On September 30, Finance Montréal virtually presented the fruit of an important exercise of consultation and reflection carried out in connection with the strategic positioning of the province at the forefront of sustainable finance discussions.

Fifteen initiatives were selected for their value in making it possible to collectively lay the foundation for the recognition of the financial center of Montreal, and more broadly Quebec, as a North American pole of innovation and excellence in sustainable finance.

The table below presents the different initiatives according to the expected efforts and impacts:

This meeting was also an opportunity to present the first four working groups launched with the support of our members and other ecosystem partners, namely:

  • Creation of a major event in sustainable finance in Montreal in 2021;
  • Clarification of the notion of fiduciary duty for pension plans;
  • In-depth analysis of responsible investment workforce;
  • Succession, talents and skills development in responsible investment.

These groups thus mark the start of our collaborative activities, which will provide many opportunities for the Quebec sustainable finance community to get involved with us over the coming months.

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