Morgan Stanley: A decade of contributions to the Financial Technology Sector in Montreal

The Morgan Stanley Technology Center in Montreal is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018, a decade of growth, innovation and significant contributions to the Montreal ecosystem. More than 1,200 specialists now work in the Montreal office, under the direction of Alan Vesprini, Managing Director of the Center.

In Montreal, Morgan Stanley teams solve complex business and technology challenges, delivering cutting-edge solutions for their business and clients across the global financial markets, including low-latency and electronic trading, cloud engineering, cybersecurity, AI/machine learning, and end-user technologies. Innovation is key to its culture and business success.

A hub for innovation and global cross-functional collaboration, the Montreal Technology Centre is a powerhouse of world-class engineering and dynamic workplace that brings together diverse ideas, cultures and expertise.

Listen to Alan Vesprini talking about the Montreal advantage

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