Maples Group, leveraging Montreal’s abundant and diversified talent pool in financial services

Since its opening in October 2009, the Maples Group Montreal office has flourished and tapped into the great talent pool and diversity that the city has to offer. 

In 2021, the Group's Montreal office received more than 12,000 job applications. The office has more than tripled its headcount in the past five years and some 70% of its staff have joined since the onset of the pandemic.  

Nearly three-quarters of the Montreal staff were born outside of Canada, with 50 nationalities represented and 35 languages spoken among the team. Montréal’s diversity has played a key role in the success of this office.
In 2022, Maples Group was named one of Montreal Top Employers for the second year in a row. “The Maples Group has recruited a diversity of talent that represents what a modern workforce should look like, and our growth has been driven by this talent,” says Montreal-based Mark Weir, Deputy Global Head of Fund Services.

The majority of teams in the Montreal office support the Group's fund and fiduciary service offerings, which provide a diverse set of solutions to the world's top alternative asset management firms and institutional investors, and operates under the international financial centre (IFC) program sponsored by Finance Montréal.
Montreal is an ideal talent hub with a rich and deep talent pool, in a mature yet unsaturated Financial Industry. Montreal is about ESG, DATA, RISK, COMPLIANCE, A.I., and much more.

Finance Montreal engages with international financial service firms that are looking to:
•    Simplify their business
•    Strip out cost and complexities
•    Digitalize and innovate
•    Solve recruitment needs and benefit from a culturally diverse work-ready talent pool

Finance Montreal provides customized solutions to your specific needs.

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