Launch of a guide on the pathways to regulated professions in asset management in Quebec

Among the sub-sectors of finance, asset management is arguably one of the most specialized and complex. Its universe is constantly evolving. Multiple factors exert an increasing pressure on financial institutions, forcing them to review their practices as well as to revise the qualifications and skills required of their employees.

Consequently, the exercise of certain professions in asset management in Quebec requires a regularly updated knowledge base, specific skills and the necessary accreditations from regulatory authorities.

Benefiting from the support of the Conseil emploi métropole, the Guide on pathways to regulated professions in asset management in Quebec positions the main professions in this sub-sector within finance. The Guide also lists the business and regulatory environment in which asset management operates, as well as the obligations inherent in the distribution of certain financial products related to savings management. The Guide also details the typical paths to these professions, as well as the skills sought by employers for each regulated profession.

The information presented in this guide will prove useful for students, people in career transition and newcomers interested in careers in asset management in Quebec, in a field where challenges, working conditions and salaries are particularly interesting.

The guide will be available in October 2020.

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