Financing biodiversity: A new centre of expertise takes shape in Montréal

Financing biodiversity: A new centre of expertise takes shape in Montréal

Montréal, Canada, May 15, 2024 – In conjunction with the 4th edition of the Sustainable Finance Summit, Finance Montréal is announcing its intention to launch the Montréal Centre for Nature-based Solutions and Biodiversity Finance

This groundbreaking new research centre is intended to be a centre of expertise dedicated to nature-based solutions and biodiversity finance, and aims to respond to the urgent call for action issued at COP15 with the signing of the Kunming-Montréal Global Biodiversity Framework. In doing so, the Centre will strengthen the capacity of policymakers, financial institutions and businesses to adopt sustainable practices that respond to the growing demand for practical and scalable solutions that help protect nature and biodiversity. 

The Centre will be a catalyst for innovative solutions to ensure interdisciplinarity and collaboration between international networks. These efforts are designed to support economic development that respects and values biodiversity. The United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) will offer technical guidance to Finance Montréal on the launch of the Centre. 

Accelerating nature-based solutions and biodiversity finance  

The Centre's mission will be to support the development and implementation of innovative financial mechanisms that encourage investment in nature-based solutions. By creating innovative financial instruments such as biodiversity bonds, biodiversity credits and impact investment models, the Centre will aim to catalyse positive change on an international scale and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future. 

Finance for global biodiversity 

The Centre will focus its efforts on five main objectives: 

  1. Developing and promoting biodiversity finance 
  2. Developing innovative nature-based solutions 
  3. Facilitating knowledge sharing and capacity building 
  4. Influencing policy and market dynamics for a sustainable economy 
  5. Strengthening global impact partnerships with international financial institutions, environmental organisations and academics 

"This centre represents a beacon of hope as biodiversity continues to decline at an alarming rate. We are committed to demonstrating the effectiveness of nature-based solutions, thereby redefining the paradigms of sustainable finance in Montréal and beyond," stated Jacques Deforges, Chief Executive Officer, Finance Montréal. 

“The global financial sector plays a decisive role in halting and reversing the loss of biodiversity, and contributing to nature-based solutions. The upcoming launch of the Montréal Centre for Nature-based Solutions and Biodiversity Finance is an exciting development in accelerating finance sector action on protecting the planet, and we look forward to its success,” commented Eric Usher, Head, UNEP FI. 

Over the coming months, Finance Montréal, with advice from UNEP FI, will work to finalise its workplan, consolidate partnerships and funding, and enhance visibility and support. These steps will pave the way for the Centre's official launch, which will be a major milestone for global sustainable development. 


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