Finance Montréal publishes its Guide on the pathways to access regulated professions in asset management in Quebec (French version)

The world of finance offers many professional opportunities. Asset management is arguably one of the most specialized and complex subsector of finance. The professional path leading to the careers in asset management in Quebec remains extremely difficult to define, both for initiates and neophytes.

This year, Finance Montréal and the Conseil emploi métropole, with the collaboration of industry partners, are publishing a guide on the pathways to access regulated professions in asset management in Quebec (the French version is currently available). The objective is to highlight the main roles and responsibilities found in this sub-sector and provide insights to better understand the significant transformation taking place within the asset management sector. The guide also provides an overview of the most common pathways to access asset management professions as well as an overview of the skills sought by employers for each regulated profession.

Particularly intended for students, people in career transition and newcomers interested in working in this field, this document represents a valuable resource for building or refining your professional project in finance.

Click here to download the French version of the report.

Video of the webinar "Spotlight on asset management professions" during which the Guide was officially unveiled [in French]

During this event, the results of the Guide on pathways to regulated professions in asset management in Quebec (Guide sur les parcours d’accès aux professions réglementées dans la gestion d’actifs au Québec) has been unveiled. It was produced by Finance Montreal in collaboration with industry representatives.
Then, a speaker panel discussed the professional path leading to asset management professions and career opportunities in Quebec in a subsector where the challenges, working conditions and salaries are particularly interesting.
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