COVID-19 Resources

Finance Montreal welcomes the concrete actions implemented by the finance community to support individuals and companies during these difficult times. Covid-19 will have an impact on us all and it is essential to take necessary action to help those in need and to insure Quebec’s economic recovery post-COVID. Below we list the various initiatives put forward by our institutional members, the business community and our different levels of government.

Financial Institutions Respond to COVID-19

The banks and cooperatives have announced relief measures for individuals and businesses:

Development capital funds offer relief measures to their partner companies:

Insurers are ready to help:

The Ecosystem is Coming Together

The École des entrepreneurs du Québec offers online discussion clinics:

The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal is creating a group of experts ready to help:

The Mouvement des accélérateurs d’innovation du Québec launched a virtual support office for startups:

The Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec launched the campaign J’achète bleu to support the local economy:

Techno Montreal invites Quebec companies and inventors to propose technological innovations to help counter COVID-19:

CGI is involved in a clinical study on COVID-19 by developing a technological platform to collect patient data:

In partnership with Canada Life and IGM Financial, Power Corporation of Canada contributes $1M to support efforts in fighting the crisis:

The AMF is softening its standards for the Québec financial sector so that it can help the economy:

OSFI determines capital treatment of programs to support COVID-19 efforts

Government measures

The City of Montreal announced emergency financial support for businesses:

Through Investissement Québec the Government of Quebec has implemented the Concerted Temporary Action Program for Businesses (PACTE):

Revenu Québec offers flexibility measures for citizens and businesses:

The Government of Quebec has also launched the temporary aid for workers program to provide financial assistance to unemployed workers:

The Government of Canada announced its economic intervention plan:

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