Average salaries lowest in Montreal according to Robert Half

Robert Half International, a recruitment agency specializing in the finance and accounting trades, recently published its 2019 salary guides. These guides, available for the 18 countries where Robert Half does business, present average entry wages based on actual job placements made by the agency in 2018.

We compared pay scales for 44 jobs in banking and financial markets in Montreal and several major cities in the United States. The results clearly show that, on average, the same employee will earn almost twice as much in New York or San Francisco than in Montreal, without considering incentive programs, such as the IFC tax credit, or other cost benefits (rent, electricity, benefits, etc.). Even smaller financial centers like Chicago, Phoenix and Charlotte are significantly more expensive than Montreal.

Robert Half ENG

Source: Robert Half International 2019 Canada and United States Salary Guides. CA $ 1 = US $ 0.81

This difference is due in part to the exchange rate, but especially to the cost of living, which is significantly more affordable in Montreal than in any other major North American or international city.

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For the Canadian version of Robert Half’s salary guide: https://www.roberthalf.ca/en/salary-guide

For the US version of Robert Half’s salary guide:  https://www.roberthalf.com/salary-guide

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