Our mission

Québec's Financial Cluster

Finance Montréal, Québec’s financial cluster, was created in 2010 by institutions in the financial services industry at the invitation of the Québec Government. Finance Montréal brings together Governor Members, Partners, Associates and close to 300 volunteer professionals. Its mission is to develop and promote Québec’s financial services industry. The organization works to enhance Montréal’s reputation as world-class financial hub and engages in international business development activities to attract foreign firms in Montréal by promoting various fiscal incentives including the IFC tax credit. Finance Montréal fosters cooperation among a vast range of institutions to stimulate the industry’s growth while raising awareness of the financial specializations found in Montréal. Finance Montréal fosters cooperation among a vast range of financial sector companies to cultivate:

  • an environment conducive to accessing capital for innovative initiatives and high-performance tools.
  • a constant influx of young graduates from institutions of higher learning; financial entrepreneurship and global companies in Québec.
  • the presence and the development of foreign financial institutions in Québec through the promotion of fiscal incentives including the IFC Tax Credit.
  • a competitive information technology sector for finance.
  • the local, national and international influence of Montréal’s financial services industry.