Intelligent Financial Services Location

Montreal is an ideal location to set up an intelligent service center for financial institutions. The local business environment facilitates cost efficiencies while leveraging top talent to operate digital transformation.

Its large and sophisticated ecosystem offers:

  • Scalability in process capacity and scope
  • Capability to transition from transactional to knowledge based processes
  • Low operational risk
  • Significant cost savings (50% vs New York, 40% vs U.S. Tier 2 cities)


You will find everything you need to build an intelligent service center

  • Abundant skilled and experienced labor in Finance, IT, Shared Services and Transformation
  • 110,000 employed in the Financial Services Industry in the Montreal Area
  • Same professional designations in Montreal as in London or New York
  • 39,000 CPAs (1,300+ new CPAs annually), 2,840 CFAs, 2,300+ Certified Risk Professionals (PRMIA & GARP), 14,070 Financial Analysts, 44,755 Accountants and Auditors High concentration of Chartered Accountants (CPAs) and CFAs
  • 140,240 IT-related workers in the Montreal area
  • Stronger concentration of AI, Data and Quant talent than New York and Chicago
  • Strong pipeline of junior finance, maths and computer science talent with growing enrolment and number of annual graduates exceeding job creation
  • Canada’s University Capital: 6 world-class universities, 155,000 students,
  • 53,000 graduates per year, 30,000 international students
  • 4,000 graduates / year in finance (8,300 enrolled)
  • 16,500 university and college students in IT
  • QS #1 Student City in the Americas in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019
  • Over 50,000 immigrants / year. 50% with university degrees.

  • Ranked 8th in North America for IT job concentration
  • Ranked #1 in Canada for tech job concentration in 2016
  • Best City in North America in 2019 for AI Investment (Financial Times, FDI Benchmark)
  • 22nd most innovative city in the world (Innovative Cities Index 2019)
  • 2,600 startups, 50 incubators, 125 Meetups Groups/45,000 members, “A” grade for availability of VCs
  • Global ITOs such as CGI, IBM, CapGemini, Accenture etc.
  • World Leading Data Science, Quant, Blockchain and Smart Automation Capabilities
  • A vibrant upcoming fintech hub (lien vers section fintech)
  • World-class expertise in gaming, special effects, etc.

  • Adequacy Status for international data transfer with E.U. and U.S.
  • Large scale, green powered, low cost data center capacity
  • Booming office space real estate market with plenty of very good and affordable options whether downtown, mid-town or in the suburbs.
  • Ranked 4th among North American metro areas in the Arcadis Sustainable Mobility Index 2017
  • 7th most internationally connected city among North Americas’ 25 largest metro areas (McKinsey 2018)
  • International mobility and open visa policies for specialized workers and professionals
  • Lowest cost of living among US and Canada large metro areas (Mercer 2018)
  • Most Reputable City in the Americas 2018 (Reputation Institute)
  • Second-best city in the world for millennials (Nestpick 2018)

Over 200 international financial institutions have a presence in Montreal with the following being currently extremely active:

The most competitive operating costs of North America’s 20 largest metropolitan areas (KPMG Competitive Alternatives, January 2017) in:

  • International finance services
  • Software development services
  • Shared service centers

Generous non binding tax incentive and grant programs for:

  • Financial operations and support services (tax credit of up to C$18,000 yearly on eligible employees wages)
  • Technology (tax credit of up to C$25,000 yearly on eligible employees wages)
  • Job Creation and Training (grant of 25% of eligible training costs for projects creating 50 jobs or more)
  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development (tax credit of up to 65% on SR&ED labor and costs)


For more information on available tax incentives, contact us.