Building the international financial center of Montreal

The International Financial Center (IFC) team is dedicated to attracting and supporting the growth of international financial companies in Montreal. To do so, it relies most notably on the dynamic ecosystem of the metropolis, its talent pool, its favorable costs and its tax incentive programs.  The IFC contributes to the creation of jobs in professions of the future, the diversification of Montreal's financial center and the raising of its international profile.

How We Can Help

Discover the services of the IFC team: long-term strategic support, economic data and labour analytics, community network, university liaison, site selection assistance, government relations and more.

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Intelligent Financial Services Location

Montreal is an ideal location to set up an intelligent service center for financial institutions. The local business environment facilitates cost efficiencies while leveraging top talent to operate your digital transformation.

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IFC Tax Credit

The IFC Tax Credit program is intended to encourage the establishment and development of new projects by businesses specializing in international financial activities in the urban agglomeration of Montréal.

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