Apr 27, 2021
From 11 AM to 12 PM

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Presented by KPMG

The importance of ESG criteria for fintech investments

The importance of ESG criteria for fintech investments

*Please note that this panel discussion will be held in English*

ESG investing is gaining traction, and it's no wonder. Research increasingly shows that this investing method can reduce portfolio risk, generate competitive investment returns, and help investors feel good about the stocks that they own. As a fintech looking for innovative opportunities and potential investors, it is more important than ever that your business is attractive not only for its genius idea and potential but also in terms of ESG investing metrics.

The resulting market turbulence produced further evidence that the stock prices of companies with strong performance on ESG issues are often less volatile. Therefore, understanding how to navigate in the public markets ESG metrics is important in evaluating your own business’s ESG profile. It will provide insight on the factors you should embed in your business plan and strategy, no matter what stage of the business cycle your startup is in, as it will likely play an important role once you begin looking for potential investors.

Join our panel discussion that will provide insights on how ESG influence investment decisions from the lenses of a public investor, a fintech startup and an expert in ESG investing.



Marc Plamondon
Audit Partner and Fintech Leader
KPMG in Quebec                                          



Isabelle Giguère
Chief Financial Officer, Payment Source
Member of the investment committee at Luge Capital

Anne-Marie Monette
Senior director, Responsible investment, Public Markets
PSP Investments

Katie Dunphy
Executive director, Sustainability and Impact services



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