Feb 24, 2021
From 1 PM to 2 PM

Location Online
Join the roundtables portion of this two-part event on the congruence between training in sustainable finance, the skills taught and the talent needs of financial institutions.

Roundtables "Developing talent in sustainable investment: snapshot of the situation and avenues for reflection in Quebec"


** This page is for registering for the webinar portion of the event. **

These round tables on sustainable finance education in Quebec aims to bring together experts in sustainable finance as well as finance professors and students from Quebec universities. The groups will discuss the state and future of sustainable finance in Quebec, and how to ensure that Quebec positions itself as a key region for sustainable finance by offering its future employees a well developed university and continuing education offering. The event will help identify the gaps between education and the realities of the industry, and help share best practices in Quebec universities.

It is also an opportunity to stay informed on industry trends and to collectively think of ways to take advantage of:

The discussion will focus on the following themes:

1) How to promote the integration of ESG issues into traditional training courses?
2) How to encourage the updating of professional skills and qualifications in sustainable finance throughout life?

The event will be in French and English.