Become a Signatory

Become a Signatory to
the Statement by the
Québec Financial Center
for Sustainable Finance

I hereby declare

The future of finance must be sustainable and promote the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in investment and capital allocation decision-making. We, the Québec financial sector, affirm that the values of the Québec financial center promote and uphold this vision. The ongoing leadership of Québec institutions in the responsible investment field provides a unique opportunity for Québec to showcase its expertise on the international stage, and to make our financial market a hub of excellence and innovation in sustainable finance in the Americas.

To support the implementation of Canada’s commitment to the Paris Agreement, and add to the momentum of the 2017 Investor Statement on Climate Change Financial Risks, we must take advantage of the local resources, expertise and infrastructure at our disposal and strengthen Québec’s position as a leader in the Americas within this transition.

Our industry must play a leading role to support a green, fair and responsible low-carbon transition of Québec's and Canada’s economies. We recognize the importance of aligning capital allocation not only with the transformation efforts of our industries, but also with the vision and values of our stakeholders.

To seize the opportunities that will arise from this significant evolution, we are committed to implementing concrete measures, specific to each of the industry’s players, that will support the development of local expertise in responsible investment that is unique in the Americas. By building a network of experts specialized in sustainable asset management, by collaborating with leading educational institutions, particularly university programs in finance, and by acting in a concerted manner, the Québec financial center will be better equipped to attract ESG fund management, and to grow a local and responsible investment ecosystem.