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Montréal Exchange has enabled Québec’s metropolis to benefit from a significant presence on the derivatives market, and Finance Montréal intends to maintain and increase Montréal’s leadership in offsetting derivatives. The Derivatives work group has the three following objectives:

  1. Increase the exchange volume of products traded in Montréal, either by increasing the volume of existing products or by creating new ones (e.g. derivatives on energy or environment).
  2. Increase knowledge on derivatives as a risk management tool through the implementation and marketing of training programs focused on users’ needs.
  3. Support the improvement of the regulatory framework for derivatives and financial services, so risks are efficiently managed.

While keeping a close eye on the derivatives market, the Derivatives work group focuses on the following:

  • Setting up a contest simulating hedge fund management, to encourage student learning and sustained interest in the field
  • Encouraging cooperation between the financial sector and the Montréal Institute of Structured Finance and Derivatives, to further financial innovation and training programs
  • Promoting open communication channels with regulatory bodies to detect emerging risks, and recommending how to deal with them
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