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Finance Montréal’s work groups

Developing a stable, reliable and competitive financial sector requires input from all of the financial industry’s players. Finance Montréal has therefore brought together the industry’s most representative individuals to develop the city’s distinctive assets and advantages. With the cooperation of over one hundred industry members, Finance Montréal has established the following work groups, which have launched various concrete initiatives.

Chantier Retraite


Finance Montréal works to consolidate Québec’s leadership in retirement management. It wishes to increase the volume of asset management in Québec by developing niche specializations and offering international consultation services.

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Chantier Produits Derivés


Montréal Exchange has enabled Québec’s metropolis to benefit from a significant presence on the derivatives market.

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Chantier finance et technologie

Finance and Technology

Montréal is well positioned to capture some of the growth observed in IT services applied to finance, thanks to its deep and sophisticated talent pool in IT, and the relatively low operating costs for businesses compared with other North American cities.

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Chantier capital d’investissement

Investment Capital

This work group’s purpose is to facilitate the optimization of the financing chain for Québec businesses, all industrial sectors combined. From start-up capital to the initial public offering, a variety of financing options are available to help companies through their different growth phases. The challenge is ensuring that sufficient capital is available to support all these phases, and that each company has access to suitable financing tools for its specific business context.

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Chantier investissement responsable

Responsable Investment

The mandate of the Responsible Investment work group is to identify strategic projects for the development of responsible investment practices in Montreal’s financial community.

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Chantier entrepreneuriat


The work group proposes and supports initiatives such as networking, mentoring, businesses incubators and certification processes for new financial businesses, to help them through the early stages of development.

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