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50 Specialists meet in Montréal to develop its FinTech sector

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Montréal, March 25, 2015 – Monday March 23 was held in Montreal a working session aimed at the developing the Québec FinTech sector. Over 50 seasoned specialists coming from industries such as banking, insurance, venture capital, information technology, professional services and tech start-ups answered Finance Montréal’s call to establish a common vision for the development of the local FinTech sector. As a result, short and mid-term actions were identified to stimulate growth in strategic FinTech activities. Participants also expressed the desire to position Montreal as an ideal city to build a FinTech business from which global markets can be addressed. Through an interactive technological platform, the following ideas were pinpointed as promising development avenues:

  1. Examine the possibility of creating a FinTech innovation centre in Montréal;
  2. Harness FinTech axis in which Montréal already has strengths that can be leveraged to distinguish itself on the global scene (i.e. Big Data, gamification, mobile payments, cybersecurity, etc.);
  3. Consolidate Finance Montréal’s role as a catalyst for the local FinTech sector’s development.

“FinTech is a strategic priority for Finance Montréal. This sector has been identified by the leaders of Québec’s financial services industry as a key area to develop as part of our Ambition 2020 strategic plan. This week’s meeting is thus part of a larger objective, one in which the concrete vision for the development of an industry is taking shape through the collaboration of numerous specialists with different backgrounds. As part of this vision, the third edition of the Montreal FinTech Forum will be held on October 14, 2015. This is not only event where new tendencies are analysed but a true catalyst that stimulates the sector’s growth and increases our visibility on the global stage” declared Mario Albert, Chief Executive Officer of Finance Montréal.

A second working session will occur on March 30 to precise and apply selected ideas from the first session on a concrete FinTech project. Both sessions’ conclusions will be integrated in an action plan that will be presented to Finance Montréal’s stakeholders with the objective of implementing it in the near term.

About Finance Montréal

Finance Montréal, Québec’s financial cluster, was created in 2010 by players in the financial services industry at the invitation of the Québec Government. Finance Montréal’s mission is to enhance Montréal’s reputation as a strong, innovative and world-class financial hub. The organization helps strengthen Québec’s financial sector by generating growth and supporting high value-added financial activities strategic to its development. Finance Montréal brings together 23 Governor Members, 13 Associate Members and close to 300 volunteer professionals. It fosters cooperation among a vast range of financial sector companies to watch over the industry’s common interests while raising awareness of the financial specializations found in Montréal. To learn more about Finance Montréal, visit

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