Youth and Talent

Researching the next generation, our workforce and industry skills

Through in-depth research on issues pertaining to training, skills and workforce in the financial services industry, Finance Montréal vies to increase our knowledge of the industry: its strengths and its people. The research we conduct provides a better understanding of the challenges faced by young people considering a career in finance and by industry professionals wishing to flourish in this field.

Here are the recent research projects carried out by Finance Montréal and its partners:

Guide d’information sur les parcours d’accès aux professions dans le secteur de la finance et de l’assurance (2018) (French version only)

The purpose of this guide is to explain the access paths to different careers in the finance and insurance sectors. This information will be useful for students, people in career transition and newcomers, to help them make a more informed career choice or facilitate their integration into the labour market.

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Guide sur les parcours d’accès aux professions technologiques dans le secteur de la finance et des assurances (2019) (French version only)

This guide on the access paths for technological professions in the finance and insurance sectors describes the technological professions in high demand in the financial sector. It lists the skills employers look for in each profession and presents the most typical access paths. The information presented in the guide will be useful for students, people in career transition and newcomers interested in technological professions in a sector in which projects, working conditions and salaries are particularly interesting.

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Les intelligences du futur dans l’industrie des services financiers (2019) (French version only)

This research report looks at the future skills necessary to meaningfully contribute to the development and growth of the Québec financial sector. Aimed at educational institutions and organizations in the financial world, it provides the tools necessary for ensuring adequacy between these skills and training and education. Through qualitative analysis, we looked at the transformations to come and identified the future skills that will be critical for certain professions in three major sub-sectors of the finance industry (banking, insurance and asset management). We sought to understand how these professions will be compelled to transform and how these transformations will differ depending on the role and function of the profession within organizations.

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Les métiers de l'investissement responsable - Analyse du bassin de talents au Québec (2021) (French version only)

The purpose of this workforce depth analysis in responsible investment is to provide information on the estimated number of professionals in the industry, their skill profiles and the demand for labour. The objective is to quantify and qualify the talent in this field to support and encourage the practice of responsible investment in Quebec in order to position the province favorably in the large-scale economic transformation we are experiencing. 

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