May 07, 2021
From 12 PM to 1 PM

Location Online
Join this event and discover the paths of 3 enthusiasts who have managed to reconcile passion and finance!

Where passion meets finance

Where passion meets finance

Finance and passion are compatible! Whether it is to equip you and enable you to realize this passion or whether it is to open doors for you in your academic and professional career, finance can help you achieve your dreams and ambitions in many ways!

The Finance Montreal Youth Committee is proud to invite you to this event during which you will discover the stories and testimonials of true enthusiasts, as well as the important place that finance has had in their lives.


- Welcoming words
- Panel discussion
- Q&A session with the audience


Alexandre Bilodeau
Senior Associate
Walter Capital Partners

Sophie Boulanger
CEO and Co-Founder

Guy Cormier
President and CEO
Desjardins Group

About the Finance Montréal Youth Committee

The Youth Committee was created in summer 2019 at the initiative of the Board of Directors of Finance Montréal and brings together around fifteen young professionals from all sectors of the industry. Its goal: to set up promising and original projects to demystify the financial industry for young people. Its actions are based on values ​​such as diversity, humanity and sustainable development, as well as three lines of action: talent, image, and education. It is sponsored by Guy Cormier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Desjardins Group.

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The event will be in French.