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EMB Summer BBQ

The Emerging Managers Board (EMB) invites you to their annual summer BBQ.

Annual General Assembly

The Emerging Managers Board (EMB) invites you to attend their Annual General Assembly & Annual Cocktail 2018.


ESG and the future of responsible investing with State Street Global Advisors

FSI is delighted to be teaming up with Finance Montréal, PRI Québec and CFA Montreal to host a lunch conference with Christopher McKnett, Managing Director and Head ESG Strategist at State Street Global Advisors.

Our speaker will assess the state of ESG investing through an exploration of critical questions.

  • What’s driving ESG adoption?
  • What’s impeding further adoption?
  • What is at the cutting edge of research and implementation?
  • How does the rise of ESG comport with the ascendancy of indexing?

He’ll discuss emerging topics like the Sustainable Development Goals and expanded definitions of risk and performance, and conclude with some predictions for the category many years into the future.

Christopher McKnett

Chris McKnett is a Managing Director of State Street Global Advisors and Head ESG Strategist. He is responsible for delivering SSGA’s ESG value proposition to the marketplace and helping clients develop and implement their ESG strategies. Chris and his team of ESG Strategists focus on understanding client needs and positioning our products, services and capabilities to make our clients more successful and in turn, to grow our ESG business. The team collaborates with our internal business partners, including asset stewardship, investment, product and client facing teams, and leverages external resources in support of these efforts. Chris is a member of SSGA’s Proxy Review Committee and State Street’s Executive Corporate Responsibility Committee. He’s also a member of SSGA’s Senior Leadership Team. Before joining SSGA in 2007, Chris worked for KLD Research & Analytics, Inc.

Chris is a First Mover Fellow at the Aspen Institute Business & Society Program. He earned his MBA from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut.

Chris is a much sought-after speaker, and his TED Talk on “The Investment Logic for Sustainability” has just shy of 1 million views.

FSI Deep Dive

How corporate sustainability is benefiting from AI and Big Data and why the financial industry should take note

Sign-up for our second deep dive of the series on the AI and Big Data. An artificial intelligence subject matter Expert (IBM Quebec) and a Corporate Responsibility and Environment Specialist (Bell Canada) will join us for the occasion.

Rencontres OFF – Forum Fintech (Sold out)

The event is SOLD OUT.

Finance Montreal is pleased to invite you to this Rencontre OFF Forum FinTech on anaging and using large quantities of market data.

There is a new gold rush to access data that would have been too complex to analyze before the promises of AI and machine learning. But how is this mountain of data made usable? How do you cope with both the quantity and diversity of data?

***Presentation will be given in English but you can ask questions and receive answers in French***

2nd part – Coup de projecteur sur une start-up locale : Hardbacon

Every month, we make shine an emerging start-up or a university Fintech club. This month, Julien Brault, CEO and founder of Hardbacon, will share with us the story of the recent launch of its application on the AppStore. The Hardbacon app allows users to monitor their investments and get a real-time analysis of their stock market portfolio. Julien will have 10 minutes to convince you to make room for his new app on your smartphone.

About Francis Wenzel

Seasoned financial data & technology executive and entrepreneur with 30 years of experience. In 2011, TickSmith founders saw an opportunity to work with a set of historical data at a scale, which was not being actively explored at the time. But how do you take 370 Terabytes of market data in various formats, make it usable, and easily distribute it to users that include hedge funds and trading applications? Coming from the industry, the TickSmith founders knew that this problem was not a unique use case and that every financial institution that produces or consumes data eventually has to face that very issue. No traditional technology could scale terabytes of financial data so the team looked to the latest advancements in big data technology to finally build a full stack on top of Hadoop. TickVault was born and first put in service in late 2013.

Francis Wenzel, TickSmith CEO | Present TickSmith/TickVault (20 min.)

Seasoned financial data & technology executive and entrepreneur who is applying his 32 years of experience to TickSmith, a company that specializes in financial Big Data applications that do away with capacity issues. Described as a “financial data lake platform for Capital Markets”, TickSmith’s flagship platform, TickVault is disrupting financial data management practices by providing untold new opportunities to exploit financial data. TickSmith’s platform provides specific solutions to participants in the brokerage and trading ecosystem, from exchanges to financial institutions, vendors and regulators.

CME Group (Tim Wheeler) | Presentation (20 min.)

With CME DataMine, clients now have a simple way to access the data they need. CME has more than 450 Terabytes of historical market data, some of it going back to the 1970s and CME DataMine is the official source of the most comprehensive price information available for CME Group markets. It provides a broad array of data types including Market Depth, End-of-Day and Block Trades among others, which can help customers discover insights to capture market opportunity.

CME Group has always offered customers a robust set of historical data, and working with TickSmith allows us to deliver it efficiently and cost-effectively. Data users can browse a data catalog, subscribe to the content and access it via web interfaces and APIs instantaneously using TickVault.

Antoine Genereux, AWS  | Presentation (20 min.)

Amazon Web Services is the cloud technology platform in use at 100% of top 50 innovative FinTech startups and powers mission-critical solutions at enterprise customers such as FINRA, Nasdaq and Goldman Sachs. The presentation will provide an overview of the security and compliance mechanisms that enable highly-regulated capital market customers to adopt AWS and will take a look at the technology adoption trends present in the financial services industry today.

Complimentary croissants, fruits, cheese & coffee on site.

Annual Conference

2018 IFIC Annual Leadership Conference

Canada’s pre-eminent networking and information event for the mutual funds industry.

Learn more about the event.

Canada Fintech Forum 2018

The 6th edition of Canada Fintech Forum

The Canada FinTech Forum is a unique annual gathering organized by Finance Montréal whose primary objective is to identify and develop business opportunities for the global financial services and information technology industries. The Canada FinTech Forum also seeks to discover new talents, facilitate networking, raise interest towards new IT trends applied to finance and promote Canada’s financial technology expertise.

Learn more about the event.


Canadian Fintech 2.0 Summit​

Fintech is no longer about digitizing existing financial products. It’s about integrating financial services into applications and services you use every day. Discover the latest trends and technologies from the best minds in fintech at the Canadian Fintech 2.0 Summit.

Day 1—Tuesday, April 17

BDC will kick things off with Pitch Battle—a day where 50 of the best fintech start-ups tackling solutions in AI, capital markets, lending, accounting, payments and more, will compete for a chance to win an investment prize of over $100,000!

Day 2—Wednesday, April 18

The Canadian Fintech 2.0 Summit will bring together more speakers, multiple tracks and more content on the future of financial services.

Learn more about the event.

Grand conference

“Every nation for itself: winners and losers in a g-zero world” with Ian Bremmer​

For the first time in seven decades, there is no single power or alliance of powers ready to take on the challenges of global leadership.

Ian Bremmer will illustrate during the presentation a historic shift in the international system and the world economy – and an unprecedented moment of global uncertainty.

Ian Bremmer is the president and founder of Eurasia Group, the leading global political risk research and consulting firm. He is a prolific thought leader and author, regularly expressing his views on political issues in public speeches, television appearances, and top publications, including TIME, where he is the foreign affairs columnist and editor-at-large. Dubbed the “rising guru” in the field of political risk by The Economist, he teaches classes on the discipline as Global Research Professor at New York University.

Learn more about the event.


Tête-À-Tête with Jean-Guy Desjardins, CFA​.

His biographer describes him as the “phoenix of finance” for his accomplishments in founding and developing Fiera Capital after successfully building, then selling TAL. He is a recipient of the prestigious CFA Institute Award for Excellence, a recognition reserved for the industry’s most elite players. Join us for a tête-à-tête with Miville Tremblay, CFA, and Jean-Guy Desjardins, CFA, businessman and investment expert.

Learn more about the event.

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